Browse The New York Times Archives for Jane Brody’s current and past articles of her weekly column “Personal Health”.

Jane Brody articles on end-of-life issues in The New York Times:
November 17, 2008: “Caring for Family, Caring for Yourself”
November 11, 2008: “When Families Take Care of Their Own”
April 15, 2008: “Alternatives for the Final Disposition”
March 18, 2008: “Terminal Options for the Irreversibly Ill”
February 5, 2008: “A Heartfelt Appeal for a Graceful Exit”
November 27, 2007: “A Common Casualty of Old Age: The Will to Live”
September 4, 2007: “For Living Donors, Many Risks to Weigh”
August 28, 2007: “The Solvable Problem of Organ Shortages”
July 3, 2007: “Advice on Dire Diagnoses From a Survivor”
March 6, 2007: “Tough Question to Answer, Tough Answer to Hear”
January 23, 2007: “A Humorist Illuminates the Blessings of Hospice”
November 28, 2006: “Medical Due Diligence: A Living Will Should Spell Out the Specifics”
October 31, 2006: “World Enough and Time for ‘a Good Death’”
September 6, 2005: “Nourishing Hope When Illness Seems Hopeless”
January 27, 2004: “Often, Time Beats Therapy for Treating Grief”
December 30, 2003: “Facing Up to the Inevitable, in Search of a Good Death”
December 30, 2003: 
“Art and Grace, When It’s Time to Say Goodbye”
November 18, 2003: 
“Diane Meier; Providing Care When Cure Is Out of Reach”
November 18, 2003: 
“Name a Proxy Early to Prepare for the Unexpected”
May 15, 2001:
 “After a Death, Doctors Can Offer Families Healing Help”
January 9, 2001: “A Price to Pay as Autopsies Lose Favor”

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